Sharing your history: Celebrating tradition and pride

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Do you know . . . when your organization was founded? What products or services it first offered? How working conditions have changed? Every organization has a story, from the ambitious entrepreneurs who conceived it to the dedicated workers whose labor built it.

Sharing your organization’s history builds trust. Sharing your family history strengthens connections with the next generation.

Why Share Your History?
Sharing your history:

  • Projects a sense of tradition, which enhances your organization’s image of reliability and continuity;
  • Illustrates your organization’s sensitivity to its past and present employees;
  • Establishes your organization’s role in local history and in the community;
  • Provides younger people the opportunity to see how their parents and ancestors worked and lived in the past.

How to Share Your History
Shared History will research the story of your organization from its beginnings, using materials you may have as well as information found in state and local archives. Oral histories from retired employers and employees may also be included.