Website Design

We design, develop and maintain websites for a wide range of small business owners and nonprofit organizations. We work with a variety of technologies and content management systems, including WordPress and Joomla.

We offer customized solutions to your business and organization needs

We offer a wide variety of online solutions to business and organization issues. One, or a combination of these can provide an effective strategy for increasing sales, growing your membership or serving your community:

  • Show them what you do!: Don’t be shy. Let people know what a wonderful product you make or service you deliver. Blackbear Landscaping uses the photo galleries on its site to display the results of their landscaping and stonework genius.
  • Show them what you’ve got: Custom Float Services in South Portland offers a wide variety of hardware and floats to professional and do-it-yourselfers building docks and floats. Our content management tool allows them to post regular updates on their latest projects.
  • Let them know what’s happening: Points East Magazine keeps their readers updated on the latest marine events throughout New England. We’ve developed a wide variety of databases and events management tools to help them build their community.
  • Keep it fresh: We can provide you with a variety of tools to keep your site updated and fresh, without having to pay someone everytime you need to add a news item. Two Trees Forestry uses its content management tools to post information about upcoming museum exhibits and events.
  • Get some answers: Do you need feedback from your customers? A better way to get information from them? We can help you build feedback forms that will bring in the data you need.
  • Online tools that help your customers: We can build a variety of simple, easy-to-use, custom-designed calculators or web applications that can help your customers make choices about how much of your product to purchase.
  • E-commerce: We can create an online store or integrate existing e-commerce solutions into your existing site.